Genießen Sie die herrliche Winterlandschaft...


...und die Blütenpracht im Sommer.


Au and its neighbouring village Schoppernau are idyllically situated in a flat basin, surrounded by mountains form all sides. Many of these mountains are covered with grass to the very tops. Our mountains are suitable for both light hiking as well as ambitious expeditions.

Au-Schoppernau is crossed by the Bregenzer Ache. You can walk, ride a bike and jog along this foaming stream.

Passing or walking around Au-Schoppernau, you immediately note: there are still a lot of farmers here. Fine rural homesteads can be seen everywhere and cows graze in the meadows in summer and autumn. In summer, animals are on the mountain pastures and hay is harvested in the valley. How wonderful is the smell of freshly-mown field!

The residents of Au and Schoppernau – as well as other inhabitants of the Bregenz Forest area – describe themselves, using the sentence of a late regional poet: “We respect the old and welcome the new”. People here are both bound to tradition and innovative. This can be seen mainly in architecture or regional trade.

The Bregenz Forest is divided into the front, central and rear forest. The rear Bregenz Forest, which also includes Au, is mountainous, while the central forest and especially the front one are hilly. Dornbirn is the closest city to Au and is reachable by car in about 45 minutes. It takes 50 minutes to get to Bregenz. Bregenz, the capital of Vorarlberg Province, is situated on the beautiful Lake Constance. In summer, if you set off early on a mountain trip, you can spend the evening at the lake, watching the sunset. Heart, what more do you want?